The Sprint

Make your company's future more positive.

Join future positive founders and operators in an adventure to build better companies. Whether you are impact curious, eager to learn more, or looking to lead the way, we've got you.

The next Sprint kicks off January 2022.
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Everyone can make their company better.

The Sprint is an invitation to everyone that's interested in better outcomes from their company. Come alone or bring your team. Wherever you're at, we'll help you deepen your knowledge, networks, and capabilities for integrating impact and ESG.

Three Tracks. One Community.

Choose the track that's right for you. Bring your colleagues. Everyone has a place.

Community Track

Great for individuals or team members that are just getting started with what it means build a future-positive, mission-driven company. You'll be welcomed into the community where, using the Mission OS, we will introduce you to key concepts of impact and ESG through a 6 week self-guided program.

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Knowledge Track

Great for people who want to dive deeper with experts and allies. In addition to the community track, you'll have access to facilitated sessions, tool demos, workshops, and fireside chats, each accompanied by a dedicated channel to explore the concepts in more depth along with experts and peers.

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Implementation Track

Great for people who are ready to integrate or advance impact and ESG in their companies. In addition to the knowledge track, we will guide you through developing an implementation roadmap that helps you build buy-in and engagement as you make practical improvements towards becoming a more future-positive company.

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Build Your Roadmap

We'll help implementation track partcipants develop practical roadmaps to implement impact and ESG initiatives with confidence.
Roadmapping Progam Outline
Context Setting
Welcome and orientation with an invitation to zoom out and set the context.
Prioritization and Scoping
Exploring goals and objectives, and setting the scope of your project.
Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement
Identify your key stakeholders and who needs to be involved.
Data and Resouce Collection
Engaging with your key stakeholders to uncover useful data and allies.
Roadmap Drafting and Iteration
Drafting a roadmap you can get feedback on from your colleagues.
Roadmap Ready to Implement
Finalizing a roadmap you can rely on to implement your project.

Choose your Track

Building a better company is a team sport. We offer 3 tracks to make it easier for you and your colleagues to participate based on individual needs and goals.

Community Track 🚀


For those that are interested in learning more and connecting to the community.

Personalized Mission OS
Community Forum
Self-guided learning program
Unavailable Icon
Expert sessions and fireside chats
Unavailable Icon
Roadmap development program and support

Implementation Track 🚀🚀🚀


For those that want integrate impact and ESG into their company.

Personalized Mission OS
Community Forum
Self-guided learning program
Expert sessions and fireside chats
Roadmap development program and support

Don't want to wait for the cohort?

What people are saying...

"Venture Better helps you discover what your company excels at and what work you need to do to get to the next level. It's mission-critical for any company wanting to grow mindfully."

Director of Social Impact

"Venture Better provided us with the much needed meta-landscape on Social Impact... I particularly appreciated the focus on elevating and leveraging what is already in place rather than introducing new work that would require heavy resource investments up front. So grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and integrate such deep wisdom in such a supportive environment."

Head of Anti-racism, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

"The work with ... Venture Better provided very insightful guidance and really helped me and the team put some thoughts and ideas together on how to progress thinking about, presenting and implementing better ESG and DEI initiatives both internally as well as through our product offerings..."


Earn Proofs of Participation and Progress from every track.

We'll provided verifiable proofs of participation to every participant. Opportunities will also exist to earn special Proofs for Progress for select demonstrations of learning, peer-support, and implementation. You can use these to demonstrate you and your company's commitment to building a better venture.

The next Sprint begins January 2022. Register now to secure your spot.


Our most common questions, answered.

Who should apply?

The Sprint is designed for founders and operators at Seed to Series B-stage ventures. The Sprint is a good fit for people who either:

  • Recognize that ESG has strategic significance to their company;
  • Are interested in practical implementation;
  • Want to connect with peers across companies and industries;
  • Have been struggling to make time to work on ESG; or
  • Want to work on ESG projects but aren't sure where to start.

Can more than one person at my company join?

Yes! In fact, for growing companies with teams of 25 people or more, we recommend having at least one founder or executive and one or more operators and managers participate together.

What if my company doesn't support me?

Leadership can come from any level of the organization, so we welcome individuals to participate whether they have company support or not. You can even use this program to build support for ESG in your company, or share the following resources to build support in advance: 🚀Understanding Mission-Driven Advantage in Venture.

What is the time commitment?

This a community oriented program, based on the value of peer-relationships and support. While we provide the container, resources, and curriculum, you can expect to get back what you put into it. We've designed this to work best for people who are able to commit 1, 3, and 5+ hours per week for the community, knowledge, and implementation tracks respectively.

Can I apply if I'm new to impact and ESG?

Of course! Everyone needs to start somewhere. Consider this a crash course, but don't worry, you will be able to go at your own pace.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes. This program is optimized to support a global community of peers.

How long will I have access to the community?

We are currently exploring models for ongoing community support after program completion and will share details when available.

Who are the organizers?

Claire Veuthey and Michael Lewkowitz are both impact and venture practitioners. They met (thanks Sophie!) and bonded over the gap they both see in simple, practical, programming and resources on what ESG, Impact, DEI, etc mean for early-stage startups. After months of enthusiastic conversation, they decided to partner to launch the Sprint.

I have another question. Can I contact you directly?

Sure thing. Send us a note at!