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We are a collective of ventures, investors, and allies working together to remove the barriers to better outcomes, through venture.

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Our Story

More than ever, the decade ahead is one of reinvention. As we face existential crises of climate and inequality, waves of disruptive innovations are maturing and diffusing across society. Venture, long the front-edge of applied innovation, now finds itself involved in bringing forward a more just, sustainable, and resilient future.

The trend toward addressing these challenges through venture is not an act of altruism but rather a reflection of a shift in what we value most for the decade ahead. Increasingly, what we value are solutions to the collective threats we face and the opportunity to create a radically different future.

It is not rocket science, but there is nuance in understanding these new values and the ways of creating it. It is what has given rise to interest in sustainability, impact, and ESG in venture. And while there is growing practice to draw from across the fields of impact management and social innovation, many of these practices don't yet fit with venture.

We've created Venture Better as a collective for those that want to get better at creating new value, and achieve better outcomes for everyone. If that sounds like you, we hope you'll join us.

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About Us

Photo - Michael Lewkowitz

Michael Lewkowitz

Managing Director

Michael has spent 20 years as founder, operator and supporter of mission-driven ventures. He is currently also General Partner at Possibilian Ventures.

Claire Veuthey

Claire Veuthey

Director, Impact Sprint

Claire helps integrate ESG and impact through Rizoma Ventures. She is also VP at NextGen Venture Partners and Republic, and contributor to Startups & Society Initiative.

Photo - Karim Harji

Karim Harji

Advisor, Impact

Karim designs, teaches and implements best practice in impact management. He is Managing Director at Evalysis, and General Partner at Possibilian Ventures.

Photo - Taylor Davidson

Taylor Davidson

Advisor, Finance

Taylor builds financial model and forecasts for ventures and funds across 116 countries. He is a General Partner at Possibilian Ventures and Managing Director at Foresight.

Venture Better is made possible by the contributions of many. Special thanks go out to: Geraldine Cahill, Juanita Lee Garcia, Abhinav Bhargava, Ken Wu, Ben Herringer, Calla McLachlan, Normative, and Venture For Canada.

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