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First, the good stuff.
🚀 Mission-driven companies out-perform their competitors. 🚀
💡The impact a company has, reflects the true value it creates. 💡
💪 Managing missions and impact is a superpower. 💪
🚨 This is harder than it should be. 🚨

Introducing the Mission OS!

The Mission OS is a personalized set of worksheets, resources and field guides to help you accelerate your mission and achieve better outcomes for everyone.

Sneak Peek

A quick walkthrough of how it works.

What's inside.

The Mission OS is a go-to resource for accelerating your mission and achieving better outcomes for everyone.

It includes personalized worksheets, resources and field guides that you can use as complete management system or a modular resource to plug in to the way you work today.

How it works.

The Mission OS gets you aligned and on track, at your own pace. Simply choose the support that's right for you.

Start with a simple onboarding survey.

We start you off with a short survey to help uncover the building blocks for your Mission OS, and then create a personalized version just for you.

The Mission OS starts with a simple survey to create a personalized Mission OS just for you.
Receive your personalized Mission OS workbook.

Delivered in universal spreadsheet format, your Mission OS comes with 8 standard sheets to create a comprehensive foundation.

The Mission OS includes a spreadsheet workbook with multiple sheets.
Integrate and advance at your own pace.

With the Mission OS Companion Resource, you can dive right in or take your time. Purchase Plus or Advanced plans if you want to go deeper, faster.

The Mission OS includes Companion Resources in Notion.
Get support when you need it.

Schedule ad-hoc support any time. Availability may vary, with priority support available to Advanced customers.

Ad-hoc support is available through Zoom, and schedule via Calendly.
Venture Better!

Mission-driven companies outperform. Let's chart a new path to better outcomes, for everyone.

Rocket ship friendly.

Pricing and Support

Simple pricing, right-sized support.



One-time copies of the Mission OS and Companion Resource. Feed your curiosity.

Personalized Mission OS
Mission OS Companion Resource
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1:1 Onboarding Session
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4 Week Onboarding Program
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The full package including four weeks of onboarding support. For the rocket ships!

Personalized Mission OS
Mission OS Companion Resource
Email support
Lifetime updates
1:1 Onboarding Session
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4 Week Onboarding Program
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Want to do it cohort-style?

Join our 6-week Sprint.
$2,490 per person


Our most common questions, answered.

When will my Mission OS be available?

Once your order is confirmed, we'll send you the onboarding survey to personalize your Mission OS. Once complete, we aim to ship your Mission OS direct to your email within one business day.

What's in the Mission OS Companion Resource?

The Companion Resource includes reference guides for each sheet in the Mission OS, a repository of useful resources and toolkits, and a growing set of field guides around impact and ESG. Our goal is to continually grow the resource to support our community with the resources they need to achieve better outcomes, for everyone.

What kind of updates might be coming?

We're constantly learning what Mission OS users need to make the practical progress that makes a difference. If you are interested in having access to the latest updates, please consider purchasing either Pro or Advanced versions?

Who created the Mission OS?

The Mission OS is curated by Michael Lewkowitz in collaboration with Karim Harji, Taylor Davidson, and a growing community of allies in impact and venture.

Do you provide additional 1:1 support?

Yes. Availability may very, but we provide ad-hoc 1:1 support over zoom. Each support session is $395, includes up to 1 hour of support including prep, call time, and follow-up, and can be scheduled via Calendly. You will find the booking link in your Mission OS.

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Mission-driven companies out-perform their competitors. Future-proof your venture for impact and ESG today!
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